Mochy : Models for Concurrent Hybrid Systems


Mochy : Models for Concurrent Hybrid Systems

MOCHY is an ADT of INRIA. Our objective is the development of tools for the analysis of concurrent stochastic and hybrid systems. We focus on :

  • The development of a generic software for the analysis of timed and concurrent systems

  • Efficient techniques exploiting concurrency to speed up Monte-Carlo simulations

  • The development of API to faciliate experimentation of new analysis solutions.

  • Applications of these fast simulation techniques to improve efficency of transport systems

1. Quick start

Prerequisites: Java 11 and javaFX (and GraphViz optionally)

about JavaFx: we recommend installing openjfx as explained in

GraphViz can be installed to display schemes. It can be downloaded from Then after it is installed, the GraphViz/bin path must be added to the environment variables.

  • Get the jar from the download section. ( MochyUi-x.x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar or MochyUi-x.x.x.jar depending on your release)

  • Start the application with the following command:

java --module-path $PATH_TO_FX/lib --add-modules javafx.controls,javafx.fxml -jar MochyUi-*.jar

More detailed informations will be available in the User Guide.

2. Download

Latest Release

2.0.2 20/05/2022

Nightly Build : latest development version from the continuous integration.

Previous Releases

3. Documentation

4. Publications

Papers related to MOCHY or models for transport

  • L. Hélouët, P. Agrawal, Waiting Nets, Petri nets 2022, LNCS 13288, 2022. PDF

  • E. Fabre, L. Hélouët, A. Thébault, Optimization of traffic management with learning machines, research Report, 2022. PDF

  • K. Kecir, Performance Evaluation of Urban Rail Traffic Management Techniques, Ph.D., Université de Rennes 1, 2019. PDF

  • N. Bertrand, B. Bordais, L. Hélouët, J. Parreaux, O. Sankur Performance Evaluation of Metro Regulations Using Probabilistic Model-checking . In RSSRAIL'19, 2019. PDF

  • L. Hélouët, K. Kecir Realizability of Schedules by Stochastic Time Petri Nets with Blocking Semantics . In Science of Computer Programming, 157:71-102,2018. PDF

5. License

MOCHY is distributed under the LGPL3 license.

6. Contributing

7. Contributors

Loic Helouet (CR1 INRIA, senior researcher)
Main competences : timed systems, concurrency models, verification

Antoine Thebault (INRIA engineer)
Main competences : Java, Git

Didier Vojtisek (INRIA Research Engineer)
Main competences : Model Driven Engineering